Irina, Director

I am Irina, the founder and CEO of In my ten years as an accounting manager, I developed the knowledge and experience to help companies grow. I started as an accountant and have always loved working with numbers. This has helped me progress from accounting manager through to the controller position I currently perform for a large multi-national corporation. I am responsible for a multi-million dollar budget and use my skills and experience to deliver growth to this business. I have managed budgets of all sizes to ensure that leadership teams can make effective decisions in their business.

I have vast experience as a controller, which means your business benefits from the time I have spent with other similar businesses. I have a strong attention to detail, vital to a controller and you can rest assured that this will help you understand your business and know that you can rely on the information. Outsourcing the controller function of a business is a cost-effective way of getting the expertise you need, while managing expenditure. Only pay for what you use, rather than the cost of a full-time controller carrying out other tasks.

I love every part of my job, as it allows me to work together with the leaders of the business and make a real difference to everyone involved. Using my knowledge of the financials allows me to drive the business and look for efficiency savings. I can analyze the data and produce workable solutions that allow any business I work with to become more effective. The people side of the business is the most important to me, because I have the skills to explain complex ideas in simple terms. This is rewarding and is a huge benefit to all concerned.

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